ITMS Summer Reading

ITMS Summer Reading
Posted on 05/03/2022
ITMS Summer ReadingDid you know that ITMS scholars can receive prizes in the fall for reading at least one book during the summer break? The more books that you read, the more prizes you earn!

Summer Reading Guidelines
The following activities can be completed at any time during the summer and turned in during the first two weeks of the 2022–23 school year. Choose any one activity for each book that you read:
  • Send a postcard to Mr. Andrews with the title, author and summary of the book you read.
  • Draw an object that symbolizes the theme or central idea of the book. Explain your choice.
  • Create a book trailer video for the book without giving away the ending. Trailers can be shared with [email protected] in Google Drive.

Every book read with an accompanying activity earns one chance for each of the following prizes:
  • Local surf shop gift cards
  • Area attraction tickets
  • Local restaurant gift cards
  • Beach gift baskets
  • Ice cream, and more!

Summer Reading Resources

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