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Instructional Technology

Indian Trails Middle School embraces the use of Apple products and technology, transforming our classrooms into innovative learning spaces. With a student population of 1517, technology plays a crucial role in enabling quick and efficient communication among students, teachers, and administrators. 

Our district's 1:1 student device initiative has revolutionized the way our students learn. Each student is equipped with an Apple device, empowering them to explore educational resources, conduct research, and develop essential digital skills. Additionally, through hands-on training, our students gain practical experience that prepares them for college or immediate employment opportunities in our county.

We are committed to leveraging instructional technology to prepare our students for the future. Watch our videos, where our students and teachers share examples of how technology enhances their learning experience and helps them excel in the classroom. These innovations are truly changing the game at Indian Trails Middle School.

Inspire. Imagine. Impact.

Video Transcript

00:00:00:00 - 00:00:25:14

Student #1:

I have an adventure of a lifetime for you! My top research team uses their imagination to explore the most inspiring and impactful species. Using Apple tech, it is possible. Can you do it?

Student #2:

Oh yeah. There it is! Land ho! I'm currently going through the wilds of Indian Trails Middle School. Finally! We’ve made it!

Principal Andrews:

Hey, everybody! Welcome to Indian Trails!

00:00:25:16 - 00:00:49:02

Principal Andrews:

My name is Ryan Andrews, and I am honored to be the principal of Indian Trails Middle School in Palm Coast, Florida. My journey in this county has allowed me to experience the full implementation of Flagler School's 1 to 1 device initiative from its beginning. From a classroom teacher to principal, I have seen firsthand how this amazing technology has revolutionized our school and made a significant impact on the inspiration and the imagination of our faculty, staff, and scholars. Let’s go take a look.

00:00:53:01 - 00:01:15:18

Student #3:

Upon observation, we have analyzed these species as they appear to be in their natural environment called the “classroom.” These teachers seem to be using their Apple iPads to teach in 360 degrees of their classrooms. Students use this opportunity to take interactive notes to understand better.

00:01:15:20 - 00:01:24:00

Student #2:

It’s incredible. The way that this species is sparked with imagination.

The way this species is using technology to impact its learning. Fascinating.

00:01:34:28 - 00:02:10:09

Student #3:

Wow! This particular ecosystem uses instruments to communicate.

Student #2:

I can't believe we're witnessing this. These students are so inspired by Apple technology that they're learning new ways to communicate.

[Buenos dias. …Student uses Voice Recorder to translate in Spanish…]

Student #3:

Look at all these photos we’ve caught of different species using their technology throughout our journey.

Student #2:

As you can see here, we have the top predator of this ecosystem using an Apple iPad to record messages for the other species and their parents.

00:02:10:11 - 00:02:30:19

Various Administrators:

[Check out the pictures of these fish that kids are catching in outdoor science class…Out there modeling the big three: Do what's right, do your best, and treat others the way you want to be treated…]

Student #2:

Even the administration at Indian Trails uses Apple technology to inspire the students to do well.

00:02:30:21 - 00:02:53:10

Student #2:

We’ve even spotted a unique species called “parents” using Apple technology to communicate with the SAC meeting. What an impact!

We’ve found a cool thing—the most inspiring compilation of species to ever use Apple technology to enhance their learning experiences in several different ways.

Student #3:

This school, called Indian Trails Middle School, shares many possibilities of different species coming together to engage in learning.

00:02:53:12 - 00:03:00:15

Student #4:

This has been a truly inspiring research adventure. It has exceeded our wildest imagination.

Student #1:

Great job!