ITMS StudentsFor any attendance questions and/or assignment requests, contact Maxine Grant at 386-446-6732.

State law and district attendance policy allows parents to write notes to document and excuse up to 10 days of student absence for illness or excusable reasons per year
—five days in the first term (August–January) and five days in the second term (January–June). Beyond those 10 days, if a student has a serious reason to miss additional days, the school principal can review parent requests to excuse up to five more days per year for a total of 15 days.

Extended time away from the classroom can have a significant impact on performance and/or school goals. (Note: Students do not receive credit for work made up for unexcused absences, which can impact grades.)

Beyond 15 days per year, only doctor, therapist, or court notes are accepted to excuse absences. It is very important to document all days of absence with a note, which must be turned in at school even if the reason for absences does not allow the day to be excused. It is important that you are aware that family vacations are not excusable days.

Questions about attendance should be directed to the attendance clerk at your child's school. Schools shall require written explanations or personal communication from parents when students are absent. This should occur upon the student’s return to school. All notes submitted to excuse absences must be received at the school within five school days after the absence. After five days, absences will not be excused. All other absences from school shall be considered unexcused and shall be dealt with according to the district’s attendance policy. Failure to provide requested documentation will result in unexcused absences. In the case of excessive absences, upon request of the principal, a parent will provide documentation (doctor’s statement) of a student's illness.

ITMS StudentsIf students on school choice experience attendance issues, school choice may be revoked and the student will be asked to return to their home-zoned school if attendance does not improve.

Makeup Work
Excused absences guarantee students the right to make up work for full credit if completed within the timeline established by the teacher. Students should request and complete work assigned during an unexcused absence in order to learn material covered; however, the student will not receive credit for the work. © 2022 Flagler Schools