Future Problem Solvers Compete at the State Level

Future Problem Solvers Compete at the State Level
Posted on 01/28/2022
Future Problem Solvers Compete at the State LevelDuring the 2021–2022 school year, ITMS Future Problem Solvers have worked to master a six-step Future Problem Solving Process. Our seventh and eighth grade students have now been selected to compete at the state level! The competitions will be held in Orlando this spring, and will be focused on three different components of problem solving:

GIPS: Global Issues Problem Solving
GIPS teams apply the six steps of problem solving to address global issues. This year ITMS has nine competitive GIPS teams, who will compete on February 9th to determine if they will be invited to the state level affiliate competition.

Scenario Writing
In Scenario Writing, our scholars write creative stories using the problem solving process. This year ITMS has eleven competitive scenario writers, and all have been invited to compete at the state level in March.

CmPS: Community Problem Solving
In Community Problem Solving, students work together to find a problem that is currently happening around them, and work to solve it. ITMS has seven Community Problem Solving teams bringing their projects to the state competition. The following list includes projects that have been invited to compete at the state level in March:
  • Project A.C.E. (Academic Career Education): This project's goal is to educate students about choosing a future career path and education.

  • The Confetti Movement: This goal of the Confetti Movement is to spread positivity and normalize kindness. 

  • Project G.A.R.D.E.N.: This project seeks to teach scholars about healthy eating habits, and how to prepare nutritious meals on their own. 

  • Project Heroes: This project is focused on recognizing local heroes and inspiring a new generation of heroes.

  • Project H.E.L.L.O. (Helping Everyone Leave Loneliness Out): This project helps ITMS students eliminate the problem of loneliness at school using multiple strategies.

  • Project P.E.N.C.I.L.S. (Providing Educators Needed Classroom Items and Learning Spaces): The goal of this project is to support ITMS teachers, by providing specialty supplies which will enhance classrooms, and increase student engagement.

  • Reset Zone: The Reset Zone project is committed to helping ITMS students cope with stress during the school day.

The ITMS Future Problem Solvers Club is coached by the ITMS 2021–2022 Teacher of the Year, Beth Blumengarten.

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