Future Problem Solvers State Competition Success

Future Problem Solvers State Competition Success
Posted on 03/25/2022
Future Problem Solvers State Competition SuccessITMS Future Problem Solvers (FPS) and Community Problem Solvers (CmPS) teams met with success at the annual Florida FPS affiliate competition. The 2022 competition was held in Orlando during the week of March 21st, with ITMS groups and individual students competing in the middle division.

FPS ITMS Affiliate 2022 Placements

GIPS (Global Issues Problem Solving) - Middle Division
  • 5th Place: Abbie Blumengarten, Annabelle Machado, Lily Ames, Lily Lisowski
  • 10th Place: Liam Lafferty, Kayla Hatcher, Matthew Carleton, Amy Leonardi

Magic Writers - Middle Division
  • 1st Place: Karolyn Whitney
  • 1st Place: Faye Umebese
  • 1st Place: Kera Melton
  • 2nd PlaceAdniel Alonso
  • 2nd Place: Ava Anderson
  • 2nd Place: Addison Rio
  • 3rd Place: Lorraine Wilson

CmPS (Community Problem Solvers) - Middle Division
  • All International invitations
  • 3rd Place: Project P.E.N.C.I.L.S. - Kayla Hatcher, Liam Lafferty, Alec Riley, Annabelle Machado, Abbie
    Blumengarten, April Goebel, Faye Umebese
  • 2nd Place: Project H.E.L.L.O - Ava Anderson, Anna Buck, Alexis Thompson, Karolyn Whitney
  • 1st Place: Project A.C.E. - Olivia Chochev, Lily Ames, Lily Lisowski, Megan Rhee, Lorraine Wilson, Eva Luis, Sofia Fazio

Scenario Writing - Middle Division

Individual Writing
  • 4th Place: Sam Meckert
  • 1st Place, International Invitation: Liam Lafferty
Group Writing
  • 1st Place: Faye Umebese
  • 2nd Place: Olivia Chochev
  • 2nd Place: Sam Meckert
  • 3rd Place: April Goebel
  • 3rd Place: Matt Carleton
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