To register for an activity, please email Michelle Russell. Registration is based on availability.

Study Hall
Study Hall is available for students who are staying for club meetings or tutoring. Students may report to study hall in the cafeteria at 1:40pm.

Tutoring will be held Monday through Thursday, from 2:30pm–3:30pm. All students may report to study hall in the cafeteria from 1:40pm–2:25pm, and will be picked up by their tutor at 2:25pm. There is no tutoring on Fridays unless a student has arranged that with their teacher personally. Please visit the Tutoring page for more information.


On Monday and Wednesdays only, there will be transportation by bus to a limited number of bus stops. The activities bus will depart ITMS at 4:00pm, and all riders must have a bus pass provided from their activity sponsor or coach. Scholars who choose to ride the activities bus will report to room 125 at 3:30pm for supervision until the bus arrives.

Pickup is 3:30pm–3:45pm in the South Bus Loop (at the Bird of Paradise light). Early pick up is at the front desk. Parents must sign out students in the front lobby.

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