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Additional Information:

  • All students must report to Study Hall in the cafeteria at 1:40 PM (unless otherwise instructed by their Coach).
  • Please pick up students from their activity in the South Bus Loop (at the Bird of Paradise Light) at 3:50 PM unless noted differently by their coach.
  • Early pick up is at the front desk.  Parents must sign out students in the front lobby.

Transportation Information:

  1. On Mondays and Wednesdays ONLY there will be transportation by bus (1 bus for addresses East of I95 and 1 bus for addresses West of I95)
  2. The activities bus will depart ITMS at approximately 4:15 PM and all riders must have a bus pass provided from their activity sponsor or coach.
  3. Scholars who choose to ride the activities bus will report to room 125, directly after their activity, for supervision until the bus arrives.